Ni Massive X Mac Crack 1.6.6 With Torrent Free Download

Ni Massive X Mac Crack 1.6.6 With Torrent Free Download

Ni Massive X Mac Crack Download the free demo and discover all that MASSIVE X has to offer. At the heart of MASSIVE X is the all-new oscillator section which can produce more variation than some whole synthesizers at the source. Choose from over 170 wavetables and 10 different game modes – from the family of aggressive gorillas to flex wavetable mode, hard sync, formants, and more – each with its modes and additional controls. Choose two phase-modulated oscillators to provide additional movement in the main oscillators.

Ni Massive X Mac Crack 1.6.6 With Torrent Free Download

Ni Massive X Crack has flawless sound and total freedom of sound for advanced sound design
Create with a new dynamic and changing sound level, with truly flexible routing and advanced modulation based on the DNA of MASSIVE, which has been developed for a new decade and needs to evolve, rewire and be reborn, MASSIVE X is the successor to a legendary synthesizer that has helped create whole genres. Get everything you need to make a sound you can think of. Quickly apply complex routes to bring your ideas to life – no matter what they look like – and go further with more expressive and playable modulation than you thought.

Key Features:

  • In the Performer section, draw precise modulation patterns and assign them to parameters for complex and scalable patches or controlled changes to your sound.
  • You can then use the Octave remote control to trigger it on your keyboard. This means that you get playable modulation and a variety of expressions in a single patch.
  • Whether you’re a sound designer during the day or a diver at night, switch to skin that suits your workflow. Keep a little more CPU power under the hood with lean flat modes and adjust the size of Ni MASSIVE X Crack to your studio.
  • MASSIVE X comes with presets – sequenced soundscapes for the leads, pads, and big bass boosters you’ve come to expect. Use them as is to create your patches or to experiment and learn more about how the synthesizer works. With regular and free library updates, we will add more.
  • Our range of Gorilla Oscillator sub-modes is particularly interesting: King, Kang, and Kong. Feed them on wavetables and they will deliver some of the most daring and aggressive sounds you have ever heard.
  • With 16 assignable macro commands, you can immediately control which parts of MASSIVE X you need. With these, you can also easily control the synthesizer parameters in your DAW.
    Assign Pitch Bend, Modwheel, and Aftertouch to modulate all parameters for better playability.
  • Extensions include 150 presets for a specific genre, mood, or utility, so you get stunning sounds when you need them quickly.
  • Massive X (VST / AU / AAX) is, like Massive, essentially a wavetable synthesizer, but with two oscillators instead of the three from Massive.
  • However, these oscillators have many more wavetables – over 170, including a neat “remaster” of the most popular forms of Massive VST Crack (crusher, scrap yard, etc.) and a multitude of new ones – without talking about ten wavetable modes (Massive has five)), where each summarizes a different rendering style with their context controls.
  • For example, the ART mode emulates a kind of filtering, while the Gorilla mode offers extreme modulation effects.

What’s New?

  • You can use the huge sound wave scanning algorithm performed on three parallel generator modules.
  • It combines a wide variety of sounds with most important flexibility and control.
  • With a wave-scanning oscillator as an optional array tracking device, the track contains a sawtooth wave and a vibration wave. In its vertical size, each large oscillator helps these paths smoothly disappear from the other.
  • It is used as a meaningful interaction with another application.
  • The original envelopes on the x Crack hard disk have an extended rotation order: parts of the envelope can be rotated and you can move to the start and end points specified for different transitions or transitions. Many other features make large envelopes truly unique.
  • A flexible low-frequency generator completes the list of modulation sources. The variety of features is as good as the quick use.
  • MASSIVE Innovation offers a wide range of modulation sources that can be easily adjusted to any parameter using the user interface. For macro-control, you can set some parameters that combine technical parameters into a single control – a more musical approach.
  • For example, you can set the crossover frequency of two filters for macro-control and call it “easy”.
  • This is further enhanced by the addition of standard target templates for all modulation sources, such as envelopes, LFOs, homeowners, and interpreters.
  • For example, creating envelopes in the form of regular ADSRs is a matter of one-click printing.
    Different parameters can be set on different pages of the general mass parameters – parameters that are not mentioned and cannot be corrected by most other synthesizers.
  • MASSIVE opens up real possibilities for sound design.
  • The keyboard displays the input or sequence information generated by the keyboard for each generator.
  • When used as a package add-on, eight parameters are the leader for any host.
  • There is also a dedicated control button to monitor filter hold frequency and other advanced parameters such as bandwidth or comb return on the comb. This allows you to create effects that can only be controlled by touching the keyboard.

Ni Massive X Mac Crack 1.6.6 With Torrent Free Download


  • There is also a clean routing and filtering system.
  • Provides a huge range of sounds from signal generators.
  • Provides real-time filter routing, L.F.O. Numbers, the order of the performers, and so on.
  • Sounds great.
  • Excellent sound, great flexibility
  • There Are a visual display and control and a simple way.
  • It is very flexible and includes various sources of modulation.


  • There is no real arpeggiator.
  • The useful sounds in the library are strange and wonderful.
  • Graphical user interface (Graphical user interface) No visual response, heavy CPU usage, and
  • not supported on older computers since 2011.
  • The macros are divided into two Korean pages.
  • C.P.U. high quality due. Requirements.

Activation Key:




System Requirements:

  • 1 GHz processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • NVIDIA graphics card
  • 2 – 3 GHz processor
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX series graphics card
  • Hard disk requirements:
  • 10 MB for program installation
  • 5 MB for documentation
  • 2.5 GB for learning materials
  • Supported Operating Systems (64-bit):
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Fedora 10 and up
  • Red Hat Enterprise 4

How To Install?

  • Download the file from the link below.
  • Extract the folder using the winner
  • Run the given setup.
  • Enjoy.

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